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Let's see not really much to put here. Hmm...Video games, Comics, Movies, Books, Writing, and Photography is what I enjoy. : I Got any questions just ask away. : 3 Also random NSFW.

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Murdered: Soul Suspect ‘The Bell Killer’ trailer

Delving deeper into his own murder, Ronan O’Connor begins to link his death to a series of brutal killings terrifying the town of Salem.

View the trailer here.

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I’ve been waiting for this gif

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Hey guys!

If you have ever wanted a video game where you could play has a punk rock band, defeating the pop stars of the day, look no further! A co-worker and some other guys are working on Broken Records, which is just that type of game. It’s a 2D side scroller, so even gives that sort of nostalgic feeling.

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file under “movies to watch when feeling sad”

Cult classics

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Stop motion of ocean creatures made from man-made objects. (via)

The Deep by PES

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